Turning Trash to Treasure


Consumerism encourages buying of goods that have single-use and last a short period of time; it’s a vicious cycle that fuels the capitalist economy. In such a backdrop we identified a new wave that’s sweeping through small scale businesses and a growing trend on pinterest and D.I.Y. blogs: Upcycling. From photographers to interior designers, fashion designers and homemakers, people are finding novel ways to give new life to everyday items: turning trash into treasure. Upcycling is by definition breathing new life to existing or old items that would otherwise end up in a landfill. It is interesting to note that it is one trend the millennials have embraced owing to their passion for celebrating individuality, living in an era where most goods are made by manufacturers to become functionally obsolete and disposed of within a short period of time.

A trend that particularly caught our eye is the extraordinarily creative use of vehicle parts in homes, office spaces and gardens. It is as though people are rummaging through the content of garages making a new business out of classic car repairs.

Here are some ways the trade of classic car repairs is fast moving from the greasy garages to gleaming living rooms. Or if you simply want to purchase a classic car such as a Mustang, feel free to visit this site http://www.griffs.com.au/cars_for_sale.shtml.

Automotive Furniture

What’s your idea of a perfect lampshade for your living room? How about a shock absorber of a vehicle converted into a wall lamp?

Running out of storage space to store the wine? Have you considered using an engine as a handy rack to store the bottles of wine?

Outrageously adventurous interior decorators have seen old cars fixed vertically on walls utilized as bookshelves, the conversion of bonnets into a Dashboard Desks with drawers and other compartments, tables made out of tire treading and comfy leather couches made out of bonnets and hatchbacks.

Scrap Metal Among The Roses

What better use of the hood of a car than one to breed new life in? From creepers to flowering plants, a hood is a wise option for a garden with limited space.

Want a better view of what’s in front of you from the back of a car? Turn the rear seat and the back into a swing! (Ensuring it is tightly secured!)

Found an old headlight in Daddy’s garage? Turn into a chic postbox and receive your mail in style!

Tailgate Party or Party in the ‘Hood?

Open up the hood of a car and fix your barbeque grill in it for a cookout with the homies!

The old Volkswagen van in the neighbouring garage might be a good option for a pool table that’s sure to make everyone envy its owner.

Drinking and driving is not a practice that is encouraged but if your vehicle isn’t working any longer how about turning it into a mini bar so you can indulge without having to worry about cops and fines?